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2015 Guangqi Honda Odyssey-film button panel

Issuing time:2020-09-07 11:21


Used in car navigation, 2015 Guangqi Honda Odyssey is equipped with capacitive touch buttons produced by Jidatong Electronics

Capacitive sensing touch buttons can penetrate more than 20mm of insulating material (glass, plastic, etc.), and can accurately detect the effective touch of the finger. It also ensures that the sensitivity, stability, and reliability of the product will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use, and it has waterproof and strong anti-interference capabilities, super protection, and super adaptability to temperature ranges

Main features:

1: Small and light: The weight of the general membrane switch ranges from a few grams to tens of grams, which is very easy to carry and disassemble;

2: Beautiful: modern and perfect silk screen technology, with perfect design, can produce any pattern you need;

3: Sealing: The use of unique technology can make the membrane switch have the functions of waterproof, oil-proof, anti-pollution, and anti-static interference;

4: Excellent electrical conductivity: The circuit of the switch can be printed with carbon paste, silver paste, copper and platinum, etc., and the conductive layer can be folded at will; the made membrane switch can even accept a high-voltage shock of hundreds of thousands of volts without damaging its function;

5: Low cost: Compared with an electronic original device product with such a multi-functionality, its price advantage is not what other similar products can match;

6: Long service life: Because the material used in the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, flexural resistance and high resilience;


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