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Pressure touch product introduction

Issuing time:2020-09-02 16:20

Principle of pressure-sensitive touch control:

Design some special structures on the touch sensor and install it on the touch panel. When the panel receives only touch, the drive and signal acquisition circuit will not do any action, and when a certain pressure is applied to the button position, you can feel The capacitance change at the button position, when the capacitance change exceeds a certain value, it reaches the preset pressure limit and the switch acts; and when the pressure disappears, the capacitance returns to the initial value and the switch stops.


Main features of pressure touch:

    1. The thickness of the panel is less than 2mm, which can realize light transmission in the button area. The panel material can contain dielectric parameter substances, or a metal panel.

2. Pressure parameters can be adjusted through the product structure layer + software to achieve a touch force of 150g ~ 400g, which can effectively avoid false touch problems.

3. The product installation structure needs a stable support for the key position.

4. It can also achieve waterproof, anti-EMI interference, water droplets, ESD interference and other related product properties shared by touch buttons

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