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How to solve the anti-interference problem of capacitive touch screen?

Issuing time:2020-09-02 14:33

The anti-interference problem of capacitive touch screens is a very headache for touch screen manufacturers now, and the anti-interference of capacitive touch screens is one of the performance requirements of touch screens.

If the anti-interference is weak, it will affect the switchboard's touch screen effect, such as insensitive touch and inaccuracy, which are greatly affected by the outside world.

We must first understand the structure of the capacitive touch screen and the principle of the capacitive touch screen, and then look for the reason for the anti-interference of the capacitive touch screen.

How is it generally affected?

The anti-interference problem of capacitive touch screen is manifested as: screen jumping, inaccurate touch, or complete failure.

So first determine whether there are external factors affecting it?

For example, the power supply is not timely, the signal is weak, and the antenna signal is not strong. These are all common.

Only need to detect whether there are above phenomena and adjust.

To solve the anti-interference problem when designing a capacitive touch screen, the following adjustments must be made

1. First, add virtual wiring to the blank area on the touch screen panel, that is, fill the wiring outside the display area, and connect the added virtual wiring to form a virtual circuit.

2. Secondly, connect the virtual circuit to the ground part of the touch chip to form a shielding circuit. This design eliminates the interference of temperature, humidity, environmental electric field, reflection and other factors on the capacitive touch screen, and has low cost and high efficiency.

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