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Why do shops prefer capacitive screen cash registers?

Issuing time:2020-09-02 14:30

As the key to integrating online and offline, smart cash registers are one of the necessary hardware in stores. There are many types of smart cash registers on the market, and the trend is touch screen cash registers. How to choose a touch screen cash register?

Touch screen cash registers on the market mainly have resistive screens and capacitive screens. Shops between the two tend to choose capacitive screens. Why?

1. The visual effects of both are very good indoors, but the resistive screen reflects a lot of sunlight in the sun, and the visual effect is poor. The capacitive screen still maintains a good visual effect, which is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.

2. The resistive screen is pressure-sensitive and requires nails, stylus and other objects that can cause the surface to bend to press the screen to sense it.

Multi-touch is not supported. The capacitive screen is operated by electrostatic induction, and it can be sensed by touching the screen with a temperature-sensitive conductive body such as a finger. It supports multi-touch and is convenient to use.

3. Capacitive screens have higher sensitivity than resistive screens, and friends who have used tablets to cut fruits know that capacitive screens respond much faster than resistive screens.

4. The resistive screen is a "soft screen" and needs to be pressed down, which is prone to scratches. The capacitive screen is a "hard screen" that is sensitive to film and is not easy to produce scratches. Therefore, the resistive screen needs to pay more attention to the protection of the screen and often replace the screen film.

5. The capacitive screen is a more mature technology based on the resistive screen. Therefore, it is used in more high-end machines, such as iPhones, while resistive screens are used in counterfeit machines and low-end tablets.

In general, capacitive screens are more advanced than resistive screens. Correspondingly, the cost of capacitive screens will be higher than that of resistive screens. However, shops use cash registers more frequently and require fast speed. Capacitive screens can better meet the efficient use of shops.

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